Mobile and PHP Developer for hire in the Grays Harbor County, WA area or remote.

My Beginnings

I am a loyal and dedicated programmer who absolutely loves what I'm doing. I've enjoyed programming ever since I created my first program in Basic on my Apple IIc plus - a horse racing game where you can bet on which horse (6 colored lines) will win a race across the screen. The odds of winning for each horse would change based on how many wins and losses they had. I've since grown my portfolio, knowledge, and expertise from Basic to Objective-C, Swift, Java (Android), PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript (just to name a very few). While a great deal of my experience has been with start-ups and small teams, I can also perform just as well with large companies and teams of programmers.


I currently live in Ocean Shores, Washington with my wife and daughter. I have several hobbies and likes, including going to Disneyland, the beach, movies, and volunteering for my wife's charitable organization, Omicron Alpha, a sorority devoted to helping the homeless and battered women.


Please continue scrolling down to view some testimonials of former employers and coworkers. Also, I invite you, to take a look at my Portfolio to get an in-depth glimpse of the projects I have worked on. Then click Contact if you require my services or want to learn more.


Jason Hull (IRDC Applications) - Chris was always available and spot on in his assessment of the situation and best course of action to solve a problem. He consistently created solutions that were not only extremely useful, but were substantially reusable and insightful. Chris's focus on the task at hand made him invaluable and even working remote from the rest of the team was never inaccessible or missed a virtual meeting or real deadline. I would hire him again!

Ron Miller (IRDC Applications) - At IRDC I worked with Chris in a remote capacity and he exceeded our expectations, always delivering more than we expected. He is able to work with very little supervision and direction and still produce quality results. He really knows his craft and is always pushing himself to learn the latest technologies. I would work with Chris again anytime, he will be an asset to any organization that employs him.

Ryan Bigger (Cone Code Development) - It was a pleasure working with Chris at Cone Code Development. He is very knowledgeable in Website and iPhone development, and can pick up on nearly any technology in a heartbeat. Chris has a vast amount of experience and would be a great asset to your company.